PROFI-ИНТЕРВЬЮ с Фрэнком Пьюселиком

Френк Пьюселик

Brief profile: business coach known all over the world, is in the top 100 business coaches of U.S. (according to the Institute of Organizational Development of USA), one of the three founders of neuro-linguistic programming (together with R.Bendler and Dzh.Grinder), author of several books on psychology and a dozen of publications on personnel management, motivation. Professor, Department of interpersonal relationships (Department of Graduate, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA – 1983-1987 g). President of «Pucelik Consulting Group».

PROFI: Frank, from what you mention in your numerous interviews it’s obvious that you are engaged in continuous self-education. Could you tell me which topic you work out right now? In which area of knowledge lies your current biggest interest?

FP: There are two things that excite me now most of all. One of them is an attempt to organize a kind of NLP world. I aim to combine the two largest and most well-known NLP organizations in the world and take the lead of it. For this, I will have to do some maneuvers (laughs). I invest in this goal a lot of my time, and do communicate with a lot of people. Also, in «PCG» we are now developing an innovative and ambitious training program of advanced level which will include the most recent data and will be conducted by our best NLP trainers. It is really a must. The current level of business skills of leaders does not, in my opinion, correspond to what is needed for further development of business. This is our focus now, where we put a lot of energy and efforts.

PROFI: Your life is full of projects, trainings and goals now. Was is always so?

FP: I am self-employed since 1972. In America I’ve seen times when a lot of consultants had to step away from their business failing to find clients. I was lucky to gain a very narrow and specific niche which always provided me with clients.

PROFI: What would be your major advice to those who are in search of their call in profession?

FP: It depends on education, and on what a person likes to do. The most important thing is to find your passion. If you do not like what you do, you would not succeed in this business and you wouldn’t earn a penny. So, you need to find what you love and “embed” it in your profession. For example, being young, I tried myself as a singer and actor performing in front of big audiences. And nowadays, when conducting training sessions or speaking to the public , I feel very comfortable. I also enjoy the fact that I am able to teach people. I think it’s a privilege – to influence people in a positive way.

PROFI: Do you have any role models? Who were your mentors?

FP: Sure. For instance, John Grinder, one of the three founders of NLP. Also, my golf trainer, I started to learn from him since I was 16. He was not only a great trainer, but a great person too. I observed his way of doing things, analyzed it a lot and tried to follow his role patterns.

PROFI: What it means being a professional in your opinion? And what is professionalism at all?

FP: Being a professional is a kind of being a winner. And  professionalism is about the impression a person makes, his ability to influence people through his activities. A professional is able to do the job notwithstanding the mood or emotions. Also, a real professional always achieves the goals agreed and even able to go extra mile and he is respected by other people. Apparently we can also add that a professional has a self-respect as well, but he is not arrogant, he does not brag of his achievements, doesn’t speak bad of his competitors or clients. As for the monetary evaluation – he sets fair prices to his services, and even might underestimate himself.

PROFI: What is your core mission in Ukraine?

FP: I would like to help the business entities of this country to become more competitive and enable them to succeed. In my view, the future of this country depends heavily on the business community, not on the government. And the business has a lot of room to grow, to develop. My intention is to help this wonderful country, to help these interesting and competent people – Ukrainian businessmen.

PROFI: What do you like most of all in Ukraine?

FP: People. There are great people who can bring this country to prosperity.

PROFI: What’s the craziest thing you’ve made in your life?

FP: I’ve done heaps of crazy things. Perhaps, the craziest thing was closing down my business in the United States and moving to Russia. People thought I was mad. But this is my style of living. In 1995, I got on the plane in the United States, and stepped off like from a time machine in 1935 in Russia. What I saw in Moscow in 1995, was the same that I saw on the old postcards of Boston of 1935: the same clothes, the same haircuts, the same shops. I went back to the past and was extremely happy about it! I was at home! I always thought that I was born too late in America, because everything has already been built.

PROFI: What would you recommend to those people who are skeptical and afraid to take the change in life?

FP: Stop thinking “right or wrong” – just take it and do something! Will your action change something or not – it does not matter, do it! As long as you do nothing, nothing will happen. If you don’t know what to do for yourself – just help others. This will change the lives of people, and this will change you.



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